Celebrate the Fourth at Bayou Bend!

If you live in the “Brenham to Houston” part of Texas, and you have stepped outside this morning, you realize that we have two things to celebrate today-America’s Birthday and lower temperatures!   This cool weather has inspired me to write before I go outside and weed.   Now to me, a cool day of weeding sounds like the perfect way to celebrate America’s birthday (and a day off of work).  However, if you would like to celebrate with something a little less sweaty, load up the kids, your friends and your cameras and head over to Bayou Bend.


A Continental soldier reads the Declaration of Independence on the back steps of Bayou Bend

Bayou Bend is the perfect place to celebrate America’s Birthday.  Each year, Director Bonnie Campbell brings in living history entertainers dressed in Revolutionary War period costumes.  These “Federalists” and “Red Coats” blend in perfectly with the formal gardens and grounds of this stunning mansion that houses one of the finest collections of early American furniture and artifacts in the nation.


A young “revolutionary” tries on a “Red Coat”

I have celebrated the Fourth of July many times at Bayou Bend.  My wife worked there and my buddy Bart Brechter still maintains the gardens (with 100% organic methods).  In my mind, Bayou Bend is the most beautiful garden and museum in the U.S.  However, that is not why I go to it’s Independence Day celebration year after year.  I go to learn.  For some reason, I really do not know that much about our country’s early history.  I know Texas history and I know Civil War history but early American history never really stuck.  And that is why I love Bayou Bend on the Fourth.  There is something about listening to costumed performers that brings the history of America to life and makes my brain retain it.  I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the country I love than by learning more about her.

This young amn is so wrapped up in history he didn't even realize that these guys were from the wrong war!

This young man is so wrapped up in history he didn’t even realize that these guys were from the wrong war!

Bayou Bend is located at 6003 Memorial Drive at Westcott Street and it will be open from 1:00 to 5:00 today.  It is fun, free and educational.  Plus, it will be much less crowded than the mall or the park.  You and your kids can make a Paul Revere hat, get your face painted, hear period music and stroll around one of the most beautiful places in all of America.  Plus, you (and the kids) may learn something about American history that makes you want to celebrate our  great nation even more!


The butterfly garden is just one of many beautiful things in Miss Ima’s garden

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