I am very proud to announce that I have joined the team of the very talented writers, photographers and editors that bring you TEXAS LIVE magazine.   I will be doing a regular garden column that focuses on the organic growing tips that will allow you to grow the best plants possible in the very tough and unpredictable Texas climate.  My first article explains the “hows” and “whys” of soil preparation.  It also includes suggested planting times for the most commonly grown flowers, veggies, perennials, fruit trees and berries in the state.

TEXAS LIVE is an incredibly beautiful and informative magazine that covers the very best of “All Things Texan.”   My wife and I devour every issue.  We particularly love the Home and Garden section (no surprise there).  Each month, this section allows us to peek inside some truly amazing “country homes” that have been decorated by some very talented Texas designers.  Since Sally and I have been remodeling our own “country house” for the past five years each of these featured homes are an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration.

This month's issue of TEXAS LIVE features "Farmhouse Round Top". This is one of the beautiful guest rooms remodeled and styled by Beverly and Mike Corte.

When we are not gardening, remodeling or decorating we love to travel.  If we get the chance to run away for a few days we can count on TEXAS LIVE to tell us where to go, what to see, where to shop, where to stay and what to eat once we get there. 

The “LIVE” part of the TEXAS LIVE name is actually an acronym that stands for Luxurious, Informative, Vibrant, and Entertaining.   Those four words perfectly capture the essence of this beautiful and entertaining magazine.   You can find TEXAS LIVE in many of the businesses that are featured in its pages.  You can also buy it at your local HEB, Super WalMart, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, and the Austin airport. The magazine usually sells out on newsstands, so go ahead and subscribe to ensure that you don’t miss a single issue.   

The writers at TEXAS LIVE are dedicated to finding the best of everything that Texas has to offer.  However, since Texas is a really big place it is impossible to for this small group of dedicated reporters to find and report on all that is wonderful in the greatest state in the America.  So, if you have an idea for a story, or you would like to contribute, feel free to drop them a line.  They are always looking for new story ideas, writers, and photographers.

13 thoughts on “TEXAS LIVE Magazine

  1. So glad you are a regular reader. Pick up a copy of TEXAS LIVE and share it with your friends. It really is a great magazine!

  2. Hey, Jay, this is really good news! I’m going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get an issue of the magazine!

  3. Congratulations! I love TexasLive. I look forward to reading more of your interesting articles, always filled with useful information and fun to read. I’m happy to hear that you will write a regular column in the magazine. We’ll be reading!

  4. Dear MoH,
    Congrats on joining TexasLive! I look forward to continued information and advice from a trusted source.
    My question is this… What do you recommend planting in a small, almost round little flowerbed just outside of a garage to bring in some color? This area is on the southern side and in full sun, all day. Will need to be a hardy plant that can withstand mistakes of a novice gardner. The house is located in the San Antonio area. Zone 9?

    • Hey Jop! Why don’t you send me a picture and the diameter of the circle. You are very correct in saying it will have to be a very tough plant as the bed is surrounded by concrete. We will need to decide if you want a single plant or combination. Depending on the look of the rest of the landscape their are some succulents like agave and yucca that could do very well. There are also other perennials that don’t look so “southwesty” that we can talk about too.

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